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The Birth Of Metaware

It’s a digital age and businesses are transforming through digitalization. Today’s world is internet driven and the scope only keeps growing with constant changes and advances in the technologies. Internet is not just a means of communication anymore, but it’s more about driving conversations, making connections, and building relationships.


People always have internet on their minds and in their hands. Regardless of what they have been thinking, looking, needing or wanting, the first thing people open up for shooting their questions or exploring what they need is Internet. 


So, the inclination is towards online platforms and digital medias which make them a great space for marketing your business to reach a wider audience and establish yourself as a brand. 

So, we blended everything together. 

What Is Metaware?

Metaware is a new age, creatively developed Digital Marketing Agency established with the vision to explore, initiate, try, and implement new ideas and strategies for creating brands and growing them through a spectacular digital presence. 

Our Ideology

Creativity Is Everything

When we talk about digital marketing, it’s not really about some common and standard practices, processes, and strategies that may create a visibility for your brand. But we are more about putting in our creative minds and souls to building your brand with newer, out of the box strategies that are bound to work out. 

The Vision And Mission

When our team sat down to explore, plan, and strategize for embarking on this journey as a digital marketing agency, from a stage where we even had to decide on what to call ourselves, we were headstrong about many but one thing – “The plan is to bring something new, something different, something unique, something creative, something innovative, something that not just appeals but mesmerizes and leaves its mark, something that not just brings results but exponential potentials.”

And working upon the possibilities of achieving this goal, we knew just the things we needed – A little bit of technicality put strategically in a bucket full of creativity!

Well, that’s what gave us our name too – Metaware!

The Story Behind Our Name

The Origin

We were on our research to get deeper insights about proceeding with the blog and the word Meraki just came before us, out of the blues! It sounded interesting, a Greek origin word, referring to the idea of putting a part of self into your work! We could really relate to it.

The Connectivity

Our vision is to work on building and growing your brand by putting our undiminished passion for creativity, brilliance, perfection and marketing in it, so Meraki seemed to make the perfect sense for us. Plus, it had a ring to it.

The Existence

Going creative in our approach, we considered it just apt to tweak things a bit and come with a more enticing way to write it – and there we were, all set to call ourselves
Metaware – Creative Souls Bringing Brands to Life

What Metaware Does?

Metaware is all about taking a creative approach to the digital marketing practices for achieving better and exponential results towards the attempt of building and growing brands and driving business success.

Unique and astonishing combination of services planned strategically to hit right on the nail and work for your organization beyond your expectations.

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